Muzaride School Run

You don’t have to worry about how your treasured child goes and come back from school. We have well trained drivers to ensure your child’s school run is with absolute comfort at a very affordable rate


Payment for school run is either weekly or monthly


Parents often worry about how their children go and come back from school, and when they figure out the “how”, they also worry about the children’s safety, comfort and cost of achieving all these.

Muzaride is a brand you can trust to handle all your worries

  1. Fill the service request form bellow
  2. State your preferred time to receive our call
  3. A staff will call you within 48 hours, kindly tell the staff your preferred time for visitation and inspection.
  4. Negotiate the fare
  5. Fill your agreement/consent form and your child is set for a comfortable ride to school

For more info or enquiries, send a mail to us via or call +2349032366107

Muzaride School run is a very flexible package, designed to take away the burden of how parents take their children to school

Parent Information


"With just a click, you are sure to get a reliable, comfortable and cost effective ride. Just seat and let our executive drivers take all the worries and burdens on how you get to your destination in style"

Ease of access

You are only few steps away from turning your luxury car into a money making machine, all you need is a partnership with muza-ride. Click on the “become a driver” button, fill the short form and we will contact you immediately.

Dedicated Drivers

Our drivers are proffesionals who are well trained to give excellent servicces and ensure riders get to thier destination safely.