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Our full time partners make as much as 350,000 naira to 400,000 naira a month

  1. Got a car? Turn it into a money machine. Muzaride matches drivers with passengers who request rides through our smartphone app, and passengers pay with cash or card.
  2. We are now open to partnerships with individuals who want to put their car and driver under our platform to be used for taxi business. Assessing parthner vehicle
  3. At our office present the details of your vehicle like Make, Model, Year and color of interior and exterior of the car. Also vehicle documents must be complete and up to date. Our Officials will physically inspect the car before approval.
  4. Install the Muzaride Driver apps. Or go to Muzaride office to install the app on your phone
  5. For drivers who wish to driver with us will require to have an android smart phone or Iphone. Most android phones (except itels and tecno), version 5.1 and above (we recommend brand name phones for GPS accuracy) will work or an iphone 5 and above. Verification, activation and orientation
  6. The Driver gets his/her account verified and activated once all the requirement has been met. And all information has been entered into the system