• Privacy Statement

    The collection and use of personal information is guided by Mu-Zanej Multiservices Limited’s privacy policy located at www.muza-ride.com/ Personal information may be provided to an insurer or a claims processor in the event of a legal dispute, complaint or conflict so as to enable effective resolution.

    The following privacy information should be noted before the use of this application

    1. Users of Muza-ride App grant their consent to process their personal data during the installation of the Muza-ride App once they agree to install the said App.
    2. Mu-Zanej Multiservices Limited is the company that collects and processes User’s personal data duly submitted during the installation of the Muza-ride App. Only user’s personal data submitted in the course of installation of the Muza-ride App is collected and processed.
    3. Information collected and processed include: Name, telephone number, email address, feedback details, payment information and geographical location uploaded by the User.
    4. Information as to Name and other personal details are obtained from the users on their own volition during the installation of the application. Geographical location is supplied by the user or otherwise upon activation of the Muza-ride App. This feature switches off once the application is turned off.
    5. The personal data of taxi drivers must be supplied to enable them use the application including locating the riders and supplying other information as may be required.
    6. Mu-Zanej Multiservices Limited reserves the right to deploy the data supplied by users to market services for which users who do not wish to keep getting same could click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message.
    7. Personal data supplied by users would be relayed to registered drivers who are deployed to serve specific users and will be visible for 24 hours to enable the drivers resolve issues involving the user and to reconcile accounts.
    8. Feedback given by users as to the performance of the drivers will not be disclosed to the drivers in its detailed form except as to require clarification or response from the concerned driver.
    9. Personal data collected and processed via Muza-ride App are secure but Mu-Zanej Multiservices Limited reserves the right to disclose personal data of users to third parties including law enforcement agents in the event of legal disputes or where there is likelihood of a crime, or otherwise, and the company can do this without prior notice to the user.
    10. Personal data of the users can be deleted by the user upon deactivation of the App.
    11. Cookies may also be deployed to save the data of the user and monitor behavioural approach so as to offer incentives to the user.